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Sex offenses are a very emotionally charged topic in our society.  The media bombards us with horror stories of rape and sexual abuse on a daily basis.  The truth is, sex offenses are rarely as black and white as the media portrays them.  In fact, there is an alarmingly high rate of false accusations in sex cases.  Nonetheless, the stigma associated with a sex crime allegation can permanently tarnish a person’s reputation, even if charges are not formally filed.  For these reasons, it is extremely important that you contact and experienced sex crimes attorney as soon as you become aware that you have become the target of a sex crime investigation.  These cases often involve long drawn out investigations by law enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office.  It is crucial that you are represented during this stage of the case to ensure that your rights are protected.  Many people make the mistake of giving statement to the police before consulting a sex crimes attorney, which can dramatically affect the outcome of the case.  If you have been accussed of a sexually motivated offense contact the Lambert Law Firm right away.