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Domestic Violence Injunctions, Dating violence Injunctions, Sexual Violence Injunctions and Repeat Violence Injunctions are all different forms of retraining orders in Florida.  Depending on the nature of the relationship between the parties and the type of violence that is alleged, a petitioner may file an injunction and seek a court order of protection.  Injunctions are filed and heard in circuit civil court.  However, violations of injunctions can be prosecuted criminally.  These cases are often influenced by powerful political and policy concerns.  In short, some judges are very reluctant to deny petitions for injunctions out of fear that if they deny them, and later there is an episode of violence between the parties, they may be scrutinized by the media and political activist groups for their decision.  For this reason it is important to have an aggressive injunction attorney on your side.  Many times injunctions are used as weapons in heated divorce cases.  Whether you are defending yourself against a petition for an injunction in civil court, or a violation of an injunction in criminal court is important to have an experienced attorney to protect your rights.